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Fiat wheels for sale

Fiat Wheels

Here at Wheel Synergy, we have premium-quality elegant wheels and rims for Fiat vehicles.

Purchase new Fiat replica wheels and rims at an affordable cost. Also, find out the most up-to-date prices and technical specifications of Fiat wheels in the United States!

Fiat Models Prices in the US

Fiat is an Italian automobile manufacturer. Fiat vehicles are renowned for their innovative design and customization options. Below, we'll discuss various Fiat models along with the most recent US pricing.

At Wheel Synergy, you will get the best wheels and rims for your vehicle. Also, find the most up-to-date prices, reviews, and technical specifications of OEM replica wheels and rims for the Fiat models in the United States.

Fiat Distinct Models

Fiat offers a large selection of Mini MPVs, Mini SUVs, Roadsters, and Compact vehicles. Some of the best and most recent Fiat 500X models include Pop (starting at $27,965), Trekking (starting at $29,100), Sport (starting at $29,955), Trekking Plus (starting at $33,145), and Yacht Club (starting at $ 33945).

Former and Current Models with Prices

Prices for the majority of Fiat car models start at $28,000 and increase from there. However, previous Fiat models include the Fiat Freemont, Fiat 500, Fiat 500L, Fiat Freemont 2011, Fiat Freemont 2014, Fiat Freemont 2016, Fiat 500 2015, Fiat 500L 2014, and Fiat 500L 2018.

Fiat Wheels and Rims

Wheel Synergy is the top provider of OEM replica wheels for Fiat vehicles. Such as

  • We provide wheels and rims for Fiat models in a range of patterns, hues, and styles. Steel wheels and rims for the Fiat Freemont are available for $102.13.
  • The featured item is a 2019 16x6.5 Fiat 500 X Steel Wheel/Rim which costs $ 117.38.

Wheel Synergy and Future Fiat Vehicles

We are ambitious and committed to providing OEM replica wheels and rims based on factory specifications for upcoming Fiat vehicles.

Please feel free to ask a question. Our specialized team is waiting for your call to assist you. Additionally, you can order a custom wheel or choose from our finest selection of wheels and rims.

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