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Tips to Prevent Curb Rash and Maintain Rim Condition

Pay Attention During Parallel Parking:

Be cautious while parallel parking to avoid accidentally running into curbs. If you're not confident with parallel parking, practice in a vacant parking lot until you feel comfortable maneuvering your vehicle accurately.

Install Wheel Rim Protectors:

Consider installing wheel rim protectors, a practical solution to prevent curb rash and enhance the appearance of your car. These protectors are easily removable whenever necessary, allowing for convenient cleaning or wheel replacements.

Winterize Your Wheels:

Winter conditions can be harsh on rims, so it's important to take extra precautions. Use winter tires to ensure better traction on slick roads, reducing the risk of skidding into curbs. Regularly wash your vehicle to remove corrosive road salt, which can damage wheels, especially those with chrome plating.

Avoid Potholes and Use Proper Cleaning Techniques:

Besides curb rash, there are other factors that can harm your wheels. Avoid potholes whenever possible to prevent structural damage. When cleaning your wheels, use appropriate cleaning chemicals and avoid abrasive materials like steel wool, as they can unintentionally remove the clear coating. Be cautious with wheel cleaners containing acid, as they may wear away the protective coating over time.