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Proven Tips for Ensuring Your Wheels Remain in Top Form

Caring for Your Wheels: Essential Maintenance Tips

By following these tips, you can keep your wheels looking great and ensure that they last for years to come.

Use the Right Tools

To clean brake dust, which forms when the brake pad wears out due to braking, use a pressure washer or hose to remove most of the dust. For the remaining residue, use a soft-bristled paintbrush and your regular car shampoo. Avoid using strong and acidic brake cleaners, as they can damage and dull your wheel finish. Gentle soap with water is always the best choice for keeping your wheels shiny and clean.

Dry Your Wheels

Drying your wheels after washing them with a microfiber cloth is preferable, as this will prevent water spots from forming. It will also help to ensure that your wheels stay shiny and clean.

Avoid Rim Cleaners Near Tires

Avoid getting rim cleaners too close to your tires, as some contain petroleum-based substances that can harm the rubber in your tires. This may cause more harm than good.

Use a Quality Sealant

To protect your rims against high-temperature brake dust particles and prevent all kinds of permanent marks and scratches on the surface, always use a quality sealant. Once your wheels are dry after the wash, apply a generous amount and let it air dry.

Store Your Tires Properly

When you are storing your tires for the winter, clean them properly from brake dust and road salt before putting them away. For the winter season, it is best to swap out your expensive chrome wheels for steel ones to prevent deterioration and extend their lifespan.