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Replica Wheels
  • 08 November, 2022
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  • Marion Smith

Replica Wheels Misconceptions- The Bad, The Good, and The Truth

Whenever your vehicle needs a new set of wheels, the first place you need to look at is the original automaker. However, the issue with this approach is that new components purchased straight from the manufacturer are frequently marked up significantly, resulting in prices that are too high.

Fortunately, the popularity of online purchasing has made it simpler to get affordable replica wheels. When buying wheels online, it's crucial to be able to tell whether the replica wheels you're considering are as safe and high-quality as the original equipment factory wheels.

However, here you will learn everything there is to know about replica wheels. Based on our research, there are some common misconceptions about replica wheels. We will target them and reveal the truth about Replica Wheels.

Replica Wheels: What You Don’t Know

Replica wheels are also known as “faux wheels”. In contrast to actual OEM wheels, which an automobile manufacturer makes for its vehicles. OEM replica wheels are replacement wheels that a separate manufacturer created. Although genuine OEM replacement wheels are available, the majority of car owners opt for replica wheels because they are substantially less expensive and identical in appearance and functionality to real OEM wheels.

Faux wheels, replica wheels, two-whole, hockey puck wheels, aftermarket wheels, whatever you want to call them, are big business these days. But are they worth the price tag? Let's find out.


Replica Wheels Are All the Same

Everyone has their own idea of what "faux wheels" should look like. Some people think that buying a set of these wheels will all look exactly alike, but this isn't always the case.

Many companies offer custom options when buying your new aftermarket wheels. You can choose from different sizes and styles of wheels, which means you aren't stuck with just one design if you don't want to be.

Less in Quality and Price

It’s true that a low price doesn’t always mean low quality. Two-hole wheels are high quality, even though they cost less than their natural counterparts. It is because they have the same size and bolt pattern as the original wheels.

Also, they fit right onto your existing suspension system. thus reducing the cost and time associated with any necessary suspension replacements or upgrades.

The OEM-approved materials used in the construction of these wheels mean that you get all the quality of a factory product at a price that fits within anyone's budget.

They Are Only for Sports and Luxury Cars

Replica wheels are not just for cars high in performance or luxury, though off-the-shelf faux wheels available from dealers often include models from these categories.

These wheels can be installed on many vehicles, including family sedans, minivans, and crossover SUVs.

The best part about it is that it does not affect the vehicle's safety; as long as it has passed an inspection, the car will remain safe to drive with aftermarket wheels installed.

Replica Wheels are Smaller in Size Than OEM Wheels

Replica wheels often look small compared to "real" wheels because of the extra rim around them, but this is a misconception. They are just as significant as real ones, and their tires will be just as tall and wide as any other tire on your car.

The only difference is that replica rims have one extra rim around the outside for aesthetic purposes, but since that rim doesn't take up any space, the overall size of the tire will be no different.

Not Durable Enough

When you think of faux wheels, you may think of them as flimsy and quickly broken. Since they may be smaller than the originals, you might think they're not as capable of withstanding wear and tear on the road or in extreme weather conditions. But there's nothing flimsy about these things!

They're constructed out of high-quality materials like polyurethane and polyester resin, making them more robust than some of the original wheels!

However, some manufacturers want to deter customers from buying OEM replica wheels by indicating that they aren't suitable replacements because dealerships charge high prices for parts that are seen as special. The reality is that Wheelsynergy OEM replica wheels are built using the exact same materials and to the identical OEM specs as the factory originals, and frequently by the same suppliers who make wheels for the automakers. They are just as durable and high-quality as the original factory wheels. OEM replica wheels carry the same structural and safety certifications as OEM wheels and are just as secure.

Note: Replica wheels have gotten a bad rap in the past, but as time has progressed and technology has improved, it's time to clear the air about aftermarket wheels.

Pros of Faux/Replica Wheels

OEM replica wheels are not just for show-offs anymore. There are many great reasons to use them in your car.

  1. They are less expensive
  2. Industry-standard fitment (Fully compatible with OEM Equipment)
  3. Technically replica wheels allow you to get the color, size, and application flexibility

The truth is that most car enthusiasts and tuners enjoy it when someone takes their gaze away from a replica wheel; the reactions are priceless. They're affordable and allow you to customize your ride without breaking the bank.

How Safe Are Replica Wheels?

"Are replica wheels safe?" often comes to people’s minds when customers are trying to decide between buying OEM wheels and replica wheels. Like any manufactured product, it depends on the product's quality, which can be anything from terrible to perfect. More replica wheels have entered the market as a result of the rising demand, but not all of them adhere to the same safety regulations as OEM wheels.

Replica wheels have proven their worth in the automotive industry. The most important thing is to make sure that you buy replica wheels only from reliable suppliers. Moreover, you should thoroughly investigate the manufacturer to see if they have a solid track record of offering reliable replica wheels.

Comparison between OEM Wheels and Replica Wheels

However, many people can hardly distinguish between replica and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) alloy wheels. In an ideal world, they should resemble one another in many ways, including structure and appearance.

Of course, knowing the differences between these two options will help you make the best choice. Here are some key distinctions between replica and original equipment manufacturer wheels.

OEM Wheels Replica Wheels
The design of OEM wheels makes it possible for them to be installed on one or more vehicle types made by the same company. However, replica wheels may not always fit into various car models of the same make. In many cases, they are created for a certain kind of automobile
Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) wheels typically cost more than replica wheels In some cases, the cost of replica wheels might be 60% less expensive than what OEM wheels sell for in the majority of global marketplaces
OEM factory wheels typically adhere to predefined design construction, which tends to constrain them in more comprehensive ways On the other hand, replica wheels provide you with flexibility in terms of color, size, and application

What Are the Most Popular Car Brands of Replica Wheels Available at Wheel Synergy?

Replica wheels appear to be more popular among owners of luxury and sports cars. However, you can locate them for any automobile manufacturer worldwide.

In order to make it easier to build a certain rim, the manufacturer frequently requests a sample design. But there are some car brands that are particularly well-liked and available at Wheel Synergy. The following are some examples of popular replica rims for vehicles:

We also provide OEM replica wheels for other brands, e.g., Porsche, Volkswagen, Volvo, Peugeot, Skoda, Renault, Jaguar, Volvo, Fiat, Honda, Infinity, Range Rover, Jeep, Ford Replica, Wheels, Tesla, Cadillac, and many more.


Let's face it. The aftermarket wheel industry is not in danger of falling out of favor any time soon. It makes perfect sense! Wheels are often the most crucial aspect of any car, and as you build up your fleet, you will always need to add new options.

Whether you're looking to replace your factory stockers or want to stand out from the crowd while driving down the road, wheels are always a wise investment.

Replica wheels are available in all styles and colors; why bother with the originals anymore?

Browse through our best online collection of wheels and rims. Please feel free to contact us for technical specifications and details of your desired wheel. Call us at +1 (217) 996-1730. Our team will assist you and provide the best solution for your vehicle!


What is the difference between replica and OEM rims?

Replica rims are aftermarket rims that are designed to look like OEM (original equipment manufacturer) rims. They are typically less expensive than OEM rims and can offer similar performance and style benefits.

However, OEM rims are made by the car manufacturer and are designed specifically for your car, which can offer better fitment and performance.

Where to purchase replica wheels?

You can buy replica wheels and rims from “wheelsynergy” because we offer rims and wheels with a variety of factory original (OEM) alloy and steel wheels and rims, restored to factory standards. We provide high-quality, trustworthy, and secure replica wheels.

Are the replica wheels sturdy and strong?

Yes, replica wheels are made with materials that adhere to the necessary standards, guaranteeing the best strength. Additionally, these components are made according to certain guidelines that provide strong attributes.

In essence, replica wheels can withstand the various harsh conditions they may encounter because they are stronger, just like OEM wheels.

How durable are replica wheels in off-road conditions?

Replica wheels' sturdy design enables them to withstand challenging circumstances, including off-road driving. The quality of replica wheels usually comes very close to matching OEM wheels and rims.

Therefore, they can handle a variety of situations that OEMs can face. Making sure you buy imitation wheels from accredited retailers is the most crucial factor.

Here at Wheel Synergy, we ensure that you will receive strong replica wheels that can withstand off-road conditions.

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