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 Lexus IS300 wheels
  • 22 November, 2022
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  • Marion Smith

How to select Lexus IS300 wheels for 2023?

You are interested in buying Lexus IS300 wheels to make your vehicle stand out and look stylish. But you were not able to find enough information or quality wheels for your desired Lexus model. Well, you are in luck, because in this article, our knowledgeable team discusses everything you need to know about Lexus IS300 rims and wheels.

Lexus IS300 Short History

Let's begin with a short history of the Lexus IS300. The Lexus IS300 was initially released to the public in 2001, in the middle of the first generation of the IS series. The IS300 is named for its body style (intelligent sport) and engine capacity (3.0L straight-six engine).

The IS 300, a rear-wheel-drive vehicle, was initially exclusively offered with an automatic five-speed transmission; however, versions were made in 2002 and later included a manual option.

Lexus IS300 Hot Wheels

Lexus IS300 wheels come in a variety of styles and sizes depending on the wheel type, size, appearance (color, condition, and finishing), and the sub-model or year of your vehicle. Furthermore, the IS 300's wheels include 17 inches, 18 inches, and 19 inches. However, a 16-inch rim size was an option for the first-generation Lexus ISs.

Understand the Technical Specifications of Lexus IS300 Wheels

To understand the technical specifications of wheels, let's start with the two most important characteristics of the wheel, which are the bolt pattern and wheel offset.

Bolt Pattern

Your car's bolt patterns are crucial since they indicate what size tires will fit. The first value, which represents the quantity per wheel, indicates how many bolts should be inserted into each sector, while the diameter denotes how widely spaced out they should be from the center circle. Make sure the numbers are precise before getting anything placed because they together decide whether some pieces of equipment operate well with others.

Wheel Offset

The way your automobile wheels and tires are placed and positioned in the wheel is referred to as "wheel offset." A wheel offset can be zero, positive, or negative.

  • Zero wheel offset is when the hub mounting surface and the centerline of the wheel are parallel or aligned.
  • When the hub mounting surface lies in front of the centerline of the wheel (closer to the street side), the wheel offset is positive.
  • When the hub mounting surface lies behind the centerline of the wheel, the offset is negative.
Wheel Offset

The incorrect offset can impair braking or decrease vehicle stability; therefore, it's crucial for driving safety as well.

Rim Size

When choosing a wheel, rim size is one of the most important factors to consider. Otherwise, the tire and disc may not fit properly. The rim diameter is the first value, calculated by taking a diagonal measurement from the top to the bottom of the profile. Rim width is determined by the flange of the rim on which the tire rests, which is another parameter. This is important because many people inadvertently measure the width of the disc from edge to edge on its outer surface.

Hub Bore

The hole in the center, where one ring or "rim" joins the other. These measurements must be the same for a new set of wheels to fit your vehicle.

Before purchasing a wheel, you must consider all the above parameters so your vehicle won't have any problems in the future. Make sure you have the right wheel for your vehicle model, e.g: 2002-2005 17x4 Lexus IS300 steel wheels/rims come with the following technical specifications:

Bolt Pattern (Combined) 5-114.3mm or 5-4.5
Hub Bore/Center Bore Diameter or Hub Bore (The hole in the center of the wheel) 67
OEM Tire Sizes 235/65R17
Wheel Offset (MM) 38
Rim Width 4
Rim Diameter 17

Bottom Line

Purchasing Lexus IS300 wheels is a great option to make your vehicle's appearance better or just to have extra wheels/rims for your tires for winter conditions.

Besides Lexus IS 300 wheels, we have several other wheel options for different models of Lexus at Wheel Synergy, such as Lexus IS350 wheels and Lexus GS300 wheels.

Explore our wheel collection to find the best quality wheels for your vehicle model. Simply select the year of your car, find the specific wheels/rims you want, and place an immediate online order to get OEM replica rims.

And if you have any questions, please call us at (217) 996-1730. Our team will be happy to assist you! Thank you for reading our article. Keep visiting our blog section to learn more about tires, wheels, rims, and other auto parts.


What dimensions do the 2001 Lexus IS300 wheel have?

  1. The wheel width determines the tire size for the 2001 Lexus IS 300, and once you know it, you may choose from a variety of tire attributes.
  2. A new wheel's fit to the vehicle is determined by its center hole. A spigot ring can be useful when the new hole is larger than the existing one.
  3. Bolt patterns and wheel offset are the most crucial aspects of wheels to consider. These types of components won't fit the 2001 Lexus IS 300 if the number of bolts and the spacing between them don't match those of your wheel.

Will other rims fit the Lexus IS 300?

Actually, determining whether the Lexus IS 300 tires and rims are the perfect match is not complicated. The proper fitment requires consideration of the wheel's diameter and width. While the diameter of the wheel requires a considerably more exact measurement, the width of the wheel may provide you some flexibility.

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